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“Badger Face”

As requested by JennyRose: presenting what my husband calls my “badger face.”  Usually this face is accompanied by me posing my hands in front of me like a squirrel… but I had to hold the camera this time.  😛



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Open threadiness activate!  Say what you like about whatever… not limited to body acceptance related subjects, though body acceptance subjects are also welcome!  First timers, read the rules tab before you post. 

So, here goes…

I got the new ENV3 cellphone.  It is awesome!  It makes replying to all the text messages I get less of a pain in the booty.  Rather, it’s fun!  😀  I like it far more than my previous T9 model.

My awesome hubby went to the laundry mat to do some major laundry.  We had way too much dirty stuff to use the one washer/one dryer we have set-up at home.  He did a great job and it feels lovely to have lots of clean stuff.

Of course, Timey (one of my cats) decided to baptise fresh sheets with poo.  Oh, Timey… you sneaky bed pooper… you are lucky we love you and don’t turn you into a hat!  😉  He doesn’t even get scolded.  It is pointless.  He doesn’t understand what he did wrong and most likely did it out of overstimulation from all the clean laundry folding.  He LOVESSSSSSSSSS clean laundry with a ridiculous passion and got so excited about all the stuff I folded last night that he started trying to bite me.  Normally, he is a very sweet boy.  He was just so overstimulated.  He also attacked a few socks, rolled around on his back on fresh towels and ran under the sheets as I put them on the bed.  He is such a character. 

I have been making strides in my household cleaning routine and catching up from being out of town and being sick for a while.  I am proud of me!  Whoooo hooooooo!!

I am considering looking for a new job.  Part-time at the bookstore has been fun, but the company is going downhill fast and I’m tired of all the scheduling issues.  Perhaps it is time to try to join the competitor or perhaps fine a part-time accounting or finance position.  It’s a shame.  I really do like the people I work with, but the situation is pretty rotten most of the time and I am soooooooooo tired of putting up with rotten situations. 

Off I go to work on a little house cleaning…

Your turn!  Coherent sentences, rambling, babbling, poetry, song lyrics, smiley faces and whatever else you can think of (within rules parameters) are most welcome!


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I couldn’t find a picture on DeviantArt  to go with this post, so I just took one of myself… making a face at my old and long-dead fear of the plus-size section…

But thinking back, some of my feelings regarding plus size still exist and are valid.  For example, it has always pissed me off how they call it “plus size” when some of those sizes are the size of the average woman in this country, so what the heck is PLUS about it?  In fact, *I* am the average size of the American woman, so what’s so different about me that I should have a separate section to find my clothes where the selection often isn’t as cute or as well made as the stuff made for “normal” sizes??  Fat women have to deal with a policy of “separate but not even equal,” when often women’s plus size sections are full of clothes that seem meant for my great-grandmother.  Yes, the plus size scene is improving, but I still have my valid beefs.  If there has to be a plus-section spotlighting fatties as somehow abnormal, why isn’t there a “minus” section for the sizes that cater to the “underweight”?  Right… underweight is “normal” and being the weight of the average North American woman or larger deserves segregation and the stamp of abnormality.  But what the heck… being “underweight” IS normal for some women just like being “overweight” seems to be the norm for me.  In this climate of highly charged body politics, I wish we would drop the labels all together.

What has changed is depriving myself of clothes that fit due to my anger about how clothes makers treat fat women.  I would work myself like a dog finding clothes that fit in the “normal” clothes sections of stores and only buy from there… which meant that I very rarely found clothes that I liked and were also comfortable.  Allowing myself to venture into the plus-sections of stores (and plus-stores in general) have allowed me to broaden my wardrobe horizon and I appreciate that. 

Video games are an odd place to find wisdom, but a quote from Tali in Mass Effect 2 keeps playing in my head: “I don’t think life is about what you deserve.”  When I apply this to my previous boycott of plus-sized clothes, I come to the conclusion that fat women deserve to be treated better no matter what their size – fat, obese, teh deth fatz, chubby, chunky… whatevs.  However, we have to deal with reality as it is.  My choice is to give the gift of clothes that fit to my body while also standing proudly for the idea that fat women (and women of all sizes) deserved to be treated like equal human beings and with dignity.  Luckily for me, there are plus-sized stores with clothes that fit me, feel comfortable and also suit my sense of personal style.  I don’t know if this was always the case in recent decades.  As a teen, it felt like the few ventures I did allow myself to make at Lane Bryant and Famous Barr’s plus-size section were filled with horror at scary clothes that didn’t look like they were meant for anyone under the age of 70.  I don’t know if this was the case nation-wide or in all plus-sections.

What do you think?  Boycott stores that just don’t get it… for example, Target’s plus section in my experience isn’t as nice as their “normal” section and their advertising often perpetuates negative fat stereotypes… to boycott or no?

I still do shop at Target.  There aren’t many places I can get cute jeans in my size in my neck of the woods.  I get so tired of living in yoga pants…


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So much for getting back into posting more frequently.  I was sincere indeed, but life gave me a wallop.  My step-dad died end of Feb.  I don’t want to get into details… it’s just been a lot to deal with with my crazy mother and the legalities of my step-dad dying the way he left things.  Now that I’m back in town, recovered from the horrible flu virus that I had (“the plague” as a friend called it) and caught up on my sleep perhaps I can work on that goal to post more…

Wish me luck.  😉


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